viernes, 20 de abril de 2012


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.Sandblasting glass, also known as sandcarving glass allows you to control a lot of your etching so you can produce

marvelous glass art. D&G sunglassesThis

functions by following a same steps of producing any etching stencil but the material usually needs to be rather thicker

to resist the stress of abrasive blasting. Hogan

The glass etching takes place by blasting abrasive from the sandblaster within the stencil resist

material, which is all powered by the supplied air from the Onitsuka Tiger ultimate 81
. This erodes the glass to create a frosted elegant design. This is a set of basic materials you'll want to sandblast


moteles dijo...

Bueno es algo sencillo, pero es la representacion basica de un paisaje, o tambien conocido como algo simplificado ya sea un icono! Saludos.